Ryan Sehovic-Mrsa also known as Ryan Seh is a young electronic music DJ & Producer born in Canada, but living in Barcelona and around Europe for half of his life. Ryan works with EDM (Electronic dance music) & House music. He was only 8 years old when he first listened to the electronic dance music genre. It was a love at first sight and ever since his love for music has just grown more and more every day. He has played in notable clubs like Pacha Barcelona and Sala Apolo. Ryan Seh is a DJ bursting with love and energy for the club and music scene!

Ryan Seh released his very first single called "Bloom" in November 2022. He named the song "Bloom" because of a comparison he made between himself and a new flower. When a new flower grows, it eventually starts to bloom and turns into something very beautiful. Ryan associated himself with a new-growing flower due to the fact that he is also a young producer who has started growing and blooming like a flower. His first song is the beginning of the bloom in his career and that is exactly why his new single is called "Bloom".